Mystery of the Duck plan 1-Osborne

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Mystery of the Duck plan 1-Osborne

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A great series of magical events. You build and save.

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Two trays are displayed resting on a low table. An empty tub is also shown as the assistant removes the two trays. The table is shown to have no top or bottom. One tray is set on the table and the tub on top of that. Some water from a pitcher is poured into the tub and it is quickly covered with the other tray and then, BAM! The tray is removed to reveal two small ducks have appeared and are swimming in the water. Next, the ducks are placed into a small box and the lid is closed. A few magic words and, BAM! The box is taken apart piece by piece and stacked flat on a side table. The ducks have vanished! Visual stage magic at its best!


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