Nafaris Book of the Dead

Nafaris Book of the Dead


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An unusual Egyptian Mystery.

Only 1 left in stock


Not even Sherlock Holmes has solved the mystery of Nefari’s Book Of The Dead !

This is a truly entertaining and clever story book effect that draws your audience into the mysterious tombs and curses of ancient Egypt.

Complete with 10 specially printed Nefari parchment pictures depicting Nefari and the Tombs of ancient Egypt.

They feature the feel and look of very antiquated parchment.This visual story telling effect centers around one of several curses that can befall Nefari should she violate the sacred laws. The magi not only talks about each tragic curse, but the images depicted on the parchment represent the different curses themselves. The spectator is asked to freely choose one of the tragic outcomes as the story unfolds, sure enough the one they choose ends up being the curse to befall Nefari and is in turn visually illustrated on the parchments.

Excellent attention to detail has been incorporated into the illustrations and printing of each parchment paper, allowing them to look and feel thousands of years old.

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