Nova A Miraculous Card Rise

Nova A Miraculous Card Rise


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Nova-A Miraculous Card Rise

Only 1 left in stock

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NOVA-a mechanical and electronic marvel.

Magic lives and, to a considerable degree, thrives on its past. The cups and balls are as vibrant today as they were in the 16th century. But there are also moments in magic, rare and wonderful, when a new light shines brightly, where advocates and practitioners of the craft are able to take one more step toward attainment of the perfect magic illusion. Such is the case with Nova. Appreciation of this achievement depends, in part, on an understanding of a bit of history.

In 1937, a stunned visitor to the home of Dr. Alfred Hooker described, for the pages of The Conjuror magazine, an extraordinary scene that had occurred in Hooker’s drawing room. Cards that had been freely shuffled by the spectator were placed in a crystal glass sitting not more than a few feet from the audience. Then, as assembled guests would call their favorite card, it would rise from the deck. No wonder the reporter termed it real magic.

If simplicity is the hallmark of memorable presentations, let it also be the essence of our description here. What happened in Dr. Hooker’s drawing room has been re-created by Nick Ruggiero.

But He has Gone One Historic Step Beyond.

After the selected cards rise, (one inadvertently rising backwards for a moment), the performer covers the goblet with a handkerchief. “Think of a card — do not mention it, says the performer to any spectator. The spectator does so. A card rises under the handkerchief. The card is committed, says the performer. Be so kind, Sir, as to reveal, for the first time the name of the card.”

Spectator does so. “Please approach the glass and remove the handkerchief.”

Again, the spectator complies. Under the silk, having risen from the glass is the thought-of card!

A wonder of electronics and mechanics. A system so diabolical you’ll be tempted to show everyone how it works, but don’t. Let them believe in Magic and in you!

Everything is contained in the tray! You’ll marvel at the complexity and the genius that is NOVA.

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Made on a per order basis. Next fabrication date: 2017 ONE ONLY

50% Deposit required. If you are seriously interested, e-mail me directly and I will send you a photo of the inner workings.

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