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Paddle Waggle


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A unique Paddle effect by Ian Adair.

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A paddle has three plastic covers which slide over it, hiding the body of the paddle from view. Each cover has a large colored spot on each side- green, red and yellow.

The cover with the two red spots is slid onto the paddle and shown on both sides. Next, the yellow spotted cover is placed on the paddle. Again, it is shown on both sides, followed by the green spotted cover. The paddle now has the covers on it, in line- red, yellow and green.

Suddenly, with a flick of your wrist, the red and yellow spots have vanished from the covers and only the green ones remain. When you remove the first cover, which is now blank, the red spots are now on the paddle itself! The second cover is removed, and the yellow spots are also on the paddle itself!

The remaining cover still has the green spot on it. Once again, a flick of the wrist and – surprise! – the paddle is blank again and all three colored spots have appeared on each side of the third cover! A startling and unexpected finish.

This creation of Ian Adair is manufactured and marketed by permission with his original routine. Paddle Waggle is quality crafted from acrylic, with plastic covers, and comes to you complete with instructions and routine, ready to go.

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