Pea Can Brass Deluxe

Pea Can Brass Deluxe


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Pea Can

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The Pea Can has become a standard feature in many close-up acts.

Ever since its invention it has never failed to garner laughs all the while producing a great magical climax.

Our *DELUXE PEA CAN is made to exacting dimensions, larger than most so that you can accommodate a larger pay-off. The interior is painted in red which gives the container a ‘rich’ classy look.

The performer displays a small brass container which contains the magical peas; a green one, a black one and a white one. The performer pours the peas out of the container onto the spectator’s hand. The peas are then returned to the container. The performer calls out, “Here Pea”, and tips the container and one pea rolls out. This is replaced and the performer calls out, “Here Pea-Pea-Pea”, and three peas roll out.

Now the performer states, “We have called the peas once and one pea came out (Here pea) and we have called the peas?three times?and?three peas have come out (Here pea-pea-pea), now what is left to do?” The spectator says, “Here Pee-Pee” and when he says this, the performer tips the brass container over and instead of the peas rolling out the spectator is surprised to see that a flood of water pours forth onto his palm! I leave the comments up to you.

*Our Deluxe Pea Can has our exclusive ‘invisible-edge’ load which makes the load chamber virtually invisible.

Size: 2″h x 15/16″ dia.


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