PLASTIQUE by Lee Earle


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A wonderful creation by that master of mentalism, Lee Earle.

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From the fertile minds of Larry Becker and Lee Earle comes an unbelievable mental experience that is contemporary, clever and classy. Plastique is the perfect choice for every close-up magician, mind reading act or platform mentalist!


It sounds good so far. But is Plastique versatile? You bet! The cards are commercial quality, very colorful and totally different on the front side. These have been designed with multiple principles to handle the wise guys. There’s not enough room to list all the details, but start with that fact that Plastique resets instantly, is fully examinable and is repeatable also.


With Plastique you can . . .

  • Predict the grand total of a dozen digits chosen at random by several people!
  • Discover the false signature of a participant “guilty of identity theft” – blindfolded!
  • Confound the audience’s senses with an amazing coincidence as a finale after the participants call the shots all the way!
  • Baffle their brains out when a participant adds up his choice of four digits from any card (you don’t even know which one), yet you open your hand to show that exact amount of pocket change! Think about it . The sum of his four digits exactly matches the amount of pocket change you are holding in your hand!

Well, there you have it – professional material for a professional performance. I know. What you’ve just read seems hard to believe. But, it’s all true! Larry Becker and Lee Earle are nothing short of genius! I’m serious when I tell you that Plastique is a sure fire reputation maker.


You receive ten full color commercial quality credit cards and detailed instructions for these easy to master miracles. Plastique actually does pack flat and play big. You won’t be disappointed!



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