Power Chopper by Collectors’ Workshop

Power Chopper by Collectors’ Workshop


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CW’s Power Chopper, like new. One only. Powerful!

Out of stock


This is a slightly used, almost new unit being offered through Collectors’ Workshop a warehouse find. No longer made. Highly desirable.

Here is the rundown:

Scene 1 – Performer has been locked in a shackle. A stainless steel blade spinning at four hundred revolutions per minute is descending towards his wrist. Self-assured, our hero confidently moves to pick the lock.

Scene 2 – Blade continues its downward progress, severing carrots that stand as mute reminders of an upcoming, disarming fate. Things are not going so well.

Scene 3 – Emergency warning light goes on. The audience screams. Performer gulps. A lady faints in the audience.

Scene 4 – Reaching for the emergency cut-off switch (you should pardon the expression) performer is surprised and understandably distressed to find that it springs off into his hand. Shock of recognition.

Scene 5 – Spinning blade drops precipitously, severing hand, which falls into awaiting box. Performer contemplates new career as Copperfield’s right-hand man.

Scene 6 – Laughter, guffaws, whoops and catcalls turn to shrieks of horror as front of box springs open, catapulting into view the severed hand.

As chopper is wheeled off, the performer reaches into his coat pocket with his handless sleeve to produce…his backup hand, (purchased second hand, no doubt.)

Its all here. The laughter, the tears, the joy, the pathos, the suspense, the terror, the mayhem, the destruction, the mutilation, the severed limb. Oh, the horror of it all….THAT’S ENTERTAINMENT!!

Complete, ready to perform; you supply the nerves of steel! Custom ATA case included. Uses standard 110 outlet.


Additional information

Weight 55 lbs
Dimensions 36 × 18 × 6 in


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