Effect #1:  The magician causes a quarter to magically penetrate a solid, sealed glass salt shaker/cellar.  The coin that was, moments ago, outside is now seen inside. Then, using a pair of hemostats, the same coin is visually pulled out of the glass container thru the narrow neck.  It looks impossible because it is!  The coin is then handed for examination. Easy to follow instructions and an improved handling make this easier then ever, with some practice.
Effect #2:  The magician causes a quarter to magically penetrate the cellar/shaker and table three different times!  First, a solid, sealed glass salt shaker/cellar.  Then, the shaker/cellar magically penetrates the solid table. Finally, the shaker/cellar is held under the flame of a lighter or candle and the quarter inside visually penetrates the bottom of the shaker/cellar.  The participant’s reaction to this is shock and amazement!  A brand NEW handling, shared by Shawn Farquhar is included.  I think it is a very intelligent handling to make this penetration effect as clean as it can be. Requires practice.  However, for the professional this will be time well spent!  Start and end clean.  
Everything is included.  The detailed, photograph instructions show you how to learn the routine, method and effect, in a step-by-step manner. Includes, with permission, John Bannon’s handling for the removal of the quarter.  Two professional routines are shared. Includes Live Performance Rights. Recommended.  This Quarter In Salt Cellar is a complete routine.  Includes a chrome plated steel tray,  
TWO quality glass salt cellar (shaker), silver tone caps, locking hemostats, plastic magnifying glass, custom made cloth bag, and those “special somethings” needed.  All materials are the highest quality available.  Instructions, routine, and suggested script.  Professional magic from Schieszer’s four years of regular close-up entertaining at The Grace Inn.