Scales of Justice-Nick Ruggiero-rare

Scales of Justice-Nick Ruggiero-rare


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Very rare Signature Pieces effect; less than 10 made.

Out of stock


What a rare find from the master inventor himself, Nick Ruggerio, and Rich Bloch – the original founders of Collectors’ Workshop and creators of some of the most amazing mechanical props ever.   After they sold Collectors’ Workshop to George Robinson, Nick and Rich came back for a few years with some wonderful pieces under the Signature Pieces line.  There were less than ten of these bad boys created about ten years ago so  you’ll be real hard pressed to find or see another.

The basic effect is as follows: A stack of six half dollars are placed under a hollowed-out weight on the right hand pan of a balance scale. Another empty hollowed-out weight is placed on the left hand pan. The magician makes a magical pass and the scale slightly tilts to the left. Magician lifts the right hand weight and there are only five coins left. He raises the left hand weight and one coin is seen to have traveled to the left. Replacing the weights over the coins he makes another gesture and the scale tips further to the left. The right hand weight is lifted and the coins are gone. He lifts the left hand weight and now all six coins are seen to have migrated to the left hand scale. Both weights are now handed out for examination.

It comes with five pages of original instructions and although you have to read them carefully the effect as stated is doable after a few tries.  Since this is a brass item there is a little bit of tarnishing, but nothing that detracts from the beauty or working  of this effect either as a center piece to your collection or as in a formal close-up performance.  And if you want to start buffing you could certainly do that too.

A rare treasure that will look wonderful in your collection. This is a used item in good condition.


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