Silver Odyssey Coins Thru Glass with custom case

Silver Odyssey Coins Thru Glass with custom case


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The finest Coins Thru Glass ever made. Incredible.

Out of stock


The performer begins by displaying four coins at his fingertips. He then tosses them, one by one through the air where they seem to vanish only to be heard arriving across the room. Each coin visibly penetrates an inverted tumbler, landing in a mouth-up shot glass.

The effect is visible, audible and sensational. It’s not a new effect, of course. Conradi, Martinka, and, more recently, Kline and Jack Hughes issued wonderful versions. But before now, the glasses had to be carefully mounted on a wooden base and held by the performer or his assistant. That’s just not the way we wish to do it.

We think the glasses should rest on a beautiful English tea service tray. We think you ought not to go anywhere near the tray and glasses. That’s why we built Silver Odyssey. This masterpiece of precision engineering was designed and developed at Collectors’ Workshop to meet the most demanding standards of close-up, club and even stage performing. Your pride in performing the effect will be matched only by your joy in owning this remarkable piece of craftsmanship. The entire effect is self-working – no sleights, no assistants.

Because everything is controlled from a transmitter the size of a matchbook, you are free to ‘choose the moment’.

You receive the marvelous tray, glasses and complete routine, plus Protective case.

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Weight10 lbs
Dimensions18 × 18 × 6 in


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