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Stargate Penetration – J. Sheridan, Green


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Stargate Penetration, silk penetration

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Jeff Sheridan’s name is synonymous with 31st. Century thinking. He is light-years ahead of most of us and this effect is nothing short of brilliant; Simple props, simple premise, brilliant execution.

Imagine displaying a 24″ silk hank then folding up the ends to form a bag. Next, you toss a red 12″ silk hank into the newly formed bag. Give the silk bag a shake and suddenly a small bit of red color appears at the bottom of the bag.

You continue to shake and the red spot becomes larger. Now it is evident that the red silk hank is VISIBLY penetrating the larger silk.

You now drop two ends of the ‘bag’ and the red silk is seen hanging from the center of this large 24″ silk square. You invite a spectator ho hold onto the end of the red silk hank and you give the larger silk a snap and VISIBLY the smaller red silk penetrates right through the material leaving no clue as to how the penetration was accomplished!

The 24″ silk hank can be shown on both sides. There is no hole in the silk, nothing to get rid of. Can be set up in 30 seconds. Packs flat but shows big.

Added bonus: You can cause other items to visibly penetrate the 24″ silk hank; a large chess piece; a jumbo coin; two or three 12″ silks at the same time; and other items that may occur to you.

Comes complete with special 24″ silk hank made of select 5 momme pure silk; smaller silk(s) and instructions. A guaranteed winner. You’ll perform this 30 minutes after receiving it and you’ll love doing it!

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