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Straight Thru Poker Chip


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Very neat and easy Sharpie Pen Thru Poker Chip. Looks great.

In stock

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The Cigarette Thru Coin has been part of the magician’s arsenal for decades. It is simple to perform, easy to understand and is an incredible visual illusion.

Straight Thru takes the concept and brings it up to date using a modern casino chip and Sharpie pen.

A brand-new method has also been created to go with the new look. It is now possible to show the chip from all angles before, during and after the penetration. No more flaps to hide… no more funny edges to be nervous about. The design of the chip means that everything is hidden in plain sight, giving you plenty of time to do any “dirty work” you choose to do.

Straight Thru is performed with a regular Sharpie that can be borrowed if desired. It comes ready to go with tow chips — one gaffed and the other a regular matching chip. It also contains full downloadable instructions.

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