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Surya’s Device Pro-Sorcery Shop. An incredible floatation system.

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Surya’s Device  by Sorcery Shop is an incredible LOOP-ITR! This is revolutionary and opens up a myriad of invisible thread and loop effects never before possible. This is not advertising hype. This is the most unique advancement in an already famous invisible thread device. You will never need to bother with elastic loops and their limitations. Throw away your loops! This replaces them and more!

Sorcery listened to their customers and the number one issue has been the difficulty of the reset for some. So they thought, why not incorporate their revolutionary patented Alpha Design into Surya’s Device and the results have been spectacular!

What took a half an hour or more now can be resolved in a few minutes. Now you have a device that can make a loop of nearly any size at your convenience and with a very simple reset. This device is excellent for P.K. Touches, Levitation’s, Floating Finger Rings, Dollar bills, telekinesis effects like the Haunted Deck and hundreds more routine possibilities. If you liked Surya’s Device your going to love this new improved model!

Included at no charge, an instructional video is laid out so that it makes learning easy, even if you are not a native English speaker.  The DVD is included absolutely free for a limited time, so please avoid disappointment by ordering soon.

You get…

• 3 phases of the Haunted Pack routine
• 2 phases of linking rubber band routines.
• The Flying Ring Routine.
• The Zero G. Currency Floating Bill routine.
• Two Amazing P.K. Effects!

IMPORTANT: There is no connection to a point away from your body. This is now a SELF-CONTAINED levitation system. No wax, etc.

The device is only limited by your imagination, hundreds of routine possibilities for you to explore.  It really is like you have an invisible assistant.

Includes lighting tips and refill install information, Vectra Upgrade refills available, thanks to a special arrangement with Steve Fearson.

Free Bonus Video training course on the I.T.R, including an Amazing Floating Finger Ring Routine. Imagine when the ring you borrowed from your new lady friend gentle floats down into the palm of her hand like a soft breeze on a warm summer day, she looks up at you and smiles…

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