Synonymental by Ed Melon

Synonymental by Ed Melon


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A very effective, easy to perform mental effect.

In stock


Synonymental is a great trick if you’re a magician presenting a few mentalism effects, or a full time mentalist presenting many mysteries of the mind.

Effect: Eighteen poker sized cards are displayed. The performer shows each having different words printed on them. All eighteen cards are dealt into three separate rows. Three objects, a quarter, ring and writing pen are introduced. A volunteer is asked to lay the pen on top of a card in the top row. He then chooses a card in the second row and the ring is placed on top. Finally, the spectator places the quarter on top of any card in the third row. When the cards are turned over, the objects on top and the printed words match!

• Used by top professionals
• Can be repeated with different results.
• No rough and smooth
• Not double sided cards
• No sleight of hand
• Nothing is added or taken away
• Good instructions showing three variations for repeat shows
• Printed on heavy card stock (Black print on yellow card stock)
• Plastic card case included
• Pocket reference included for easy set up on the fly
• Can be carried in your pocket

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Weight .25 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 5 × 1 in


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