Telekinetic Chess-coming soon

Telekinetic Chess-coming soon

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Perform a variety of Telekinetic effects; self-contained.



Telekinetic Chess by Gary Brown. Gary has come up with another winner and with the added properties that Collectors’ Workshop has added, all this makes for a great spirit or mental routine.

The performer places a chess piece on the board and through sheer will-power causes it to topple over. This can be repeated immediately. The performer does not have to touch the board. In lieu of the chess piece a die is placed on the board and the performer causes it to flip to a chosen number.

Another effect possible; the performer places a coin on the chess board without showing the spectator whether it is heads or tails up by covering it with a small glass. The spectator places a coin on the board, either heads or tails up and the coin under the cup will always match the spectator’s choice.

many more effects are possible with Collectors’ Workshop’s Telekinetic Chess.

Wooden chess board with chess pieces, die and all that is needed to perform these and other miracles.

Board measures 15″ square when open and measures 15″ x 7.5″ when closed.

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