The Coney Island Fakir-Al Flosso


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The life story of one of magic’s funniest performers. Lots of tricks.

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“If there is a better all-around magician,” master mentalist Joseph Dunninger wrote of Al Flosso, “I have yet to discover him.” Combining subtle, sophisticated manipulations with his bold, gritty persona, Flosso’s magic became legendary. Though he stood only 5’2″, Flosso was a giant of the magic world.

This is a remarkable book about a remarkable life. The book traces Flosso’s fascinating career, from his days as a street-corner shill, carnival pitchman, Punch & Judy operator and sideshow magician to his work on Broadway, film and television. He worked with giants of the entertainment world, including the Marx Brothers, Bud Abbott, Ed Sullivan and Jackie Gleason. As proprietor of New York’s leading magic shop, Flosso dispensed advice and equipment to the 20th Century’s greatest magicians, from Harry Houdini to David Copperfield.

The Coney Island Fakir captures the essence of this unique performer, his original style, and his influence on the world of magic.

Here’s what the critics say . . .

“A quite readable portrait of a delightful and unique character in the annals of magic . . . readers will ponder and wonder, laugh and linger over the extraordinary character it portrays. Mr. Brown has done not only his subject but the future of our art great service.”
-Jamy Ian Swiss, Genii

“Flosso was a true character, and Gary Brown [is] an excellent writer. In this well-documented biography, Brown traces Flosso’s colorful life from his beginnings . . . Al Flosso — there will never be another.”
-David Goodsell, M*U*M

Maker: Gary Brown

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Ca.: 1997

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