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The Famous Flea Act-booklet


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Something different from Tom Palmer; great comedy presentation with assistants you don’t have to feed!

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A complete act. Material on this subject has always been scarce, yet there has always been someone using this delightful hoax, somewhere in show business. The Flea Circus has been done indoors and out, on stage, in theaters, at fairs, close up, in circuses, in Ten-In-Ones, and more recently, in trade shows.

Presentation: The audience see a table or stand set out with all the fascinating gear and trappings of a miniature circus. An arched sign at the back, proclaims the name and merits of the show, lit up by small lights. The performers on this apparatus and in the air above it are talented fleas – so the Ringmaster says.

By the time the exciting and action packed show is finished, many spectators are sure about the fleas, while others are doubtful, but nobody knows for sure! The entertainer never loses sight of his job for a moment – which is to present a flea circus – a three ring show of performing fleas!

Every detail covered with illustrations to make all props, signs, carrying case, etc.

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