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Hard to find, mint copy. Everything you wanted to know about the Himber wallet.

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The Himber Wallet started its march toward standardism” shortly after Harry Lorayne’s Best of Bill-Fooled (circa 1960) brought it to the attention of the magic world. Then, a few years later, Mr. Lorayne’s The Hundred Dollar Book gave it the nudge it needed to topple into that “standard” category. (Harry Lorayne himself has been a standard in magic for a long time.) Since then, the Himber Wallet has been ripped off, knocked off, imitated, emulated – used and used, and revered. Harry’s words have been ripped off, knocked off, imitated, emulated – used and used. Well, it’s about time it’s been done right. And right it’s done here. This book really does contain everything you ever want to, or need to, know about the Himber Wallet – its handling, its uniqueness, its capabilities, its possibilities and impossibilities.

The idea for The Himber Wallet Book started to germinate in Harry’s mind in the late 1980s. Because of his busy schedule, he’d write a bit, put it away, think/write a bit, put it away, and so forth. So the book has been over ten years “in the making.”

During the last 15 years of Richard Himber’s life, he called Harry Lorayne every night between two and four o’clock in the morning. Many of those long conversations devoted quite a bit of time to ideas and effects for the Himber Wallet. The best of those ideas and effects are in this book. Also in this book are many of Harry’s own never – before – in – print ideas.

His use of the wallet’s (built – in) rear slit, his methods for six, eight, twelve or more “possible” predictions (the standard was four up until now) will blow you away, as will his effects using paper clips in conjunction with the wallet. Plus many more Harry Lorayne ideas.

Into that same pot or cauldron stir in only the best effects and routines from the above – mentioned books, updated and re – written, some amazing contributions from Harry’s friends, Harry Lorayne’s fantastic teaching ability and outstanding writing ability, Robert Lorayne’s precise and explanatory illustrations, and another standard is born. The Himber Wallet and The Himber Wallet Book will go hand in hand as long as there are Himber Wallets.

If you already own a Himber Wallet or intend to ever own one – you simply cannot do without this book. If you read this book and you don’t own a Himber Wallet yet – you’ll have to rush out to get one.

It is with great pride that The Himber Wallet Book is offered to the magic fraternity.

232 pages, hard cover, full – color dust jacket

Maker: L&L Publishing/Author Harry Lorayne

Condition: Mint, in original wraps.

Ca.: 1998

From the Viking Magic Vault.

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