The Keys of Judah-Ed Mellon

The Keys of Judah-Ed Mellon

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Ed Mellon/Stuart Judah The Keys of Judah.

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In a long list of 7 Keys to Baldpate, this is one of the best. The forerunner to Collectors’ Workshop’s Hemingway Lock. The lineage goes like this: Developed by Al O’Hagan, Conceived by Stuart Judah, an Ed Mellon effect released by James Swoger’s House of Magic.

A heavy brass lock with 6 keys; typical Baldpate routine where the performer finds the only key that will open the lock. The instructions (original) are very well thought-out and offer both a close-up and stage presentation.

Mfg.: Swoger House of Magic, ca. 1960’s. With original instructions.

Condition: like new.

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