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Then There Was Light

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Now, highly sought-after. No longer made. An original CW product.

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Product Description

“Performer displays a wine glass and a small, single flashbulb. The bulb is dropped in the glass and the glass held at arm’s length by the performer. The performer turns to a spectator and tells him to concentrate on a poignant moment in his life – to attempt to relive that moment in his mind and thus to build a store of mental energy. The spectator is advised that when he believes he is actually reliving the moment, he should say “now!” The moment he does, the flashbulb explodes in a brilliant burst of light. The performer immediately dumps the bulb out of the glass, cautioning spectators that it may still be hot, and sets the glass down along with the bulb for anyone to examine.”

You receive the wine glass (which is un-gimmicked but a special design that facilitates the trick, the special unit constructed by Collector’s and a few sample bulbs. You will need to provide a size “N” battery. later you will need to provide Flashcubes or Flashbulbs which are still available for purchase. You also receive a copy of the original instructions.

If you are a collector of rare magic, this is quite a find. If you are a performing mentalist or mental magician, this is an excellent effect to put into your show. The unit is in excellent working condition.

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Weight1 lbs
Dimensions8 x 6 x 2 in


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