Ultima Deck Vanish

Ultima Deck Vanish


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Ultima Deck Vanish. An entire deck vanishes except for the selected card!

In stock


This is a Viking Original. The performer has a card selected then returned to the deck. The entire deck is placed in a wooden, open top box. The whole unit is now covered by a handkerchief. The spectator is asked to name his card and then the box is shaken. One card slips out through a small slit in the end of the box and falls to the table.

The performer sets the covered box down and turns over the tabled card…it is the spectator’s selected card!

“Not so difficult”, says the performer, “when it’s the only card in the box”. The performer uncovers the box and lo and behold, the box is empty. The entire deck has vanished!

No deck shells or special cards; it’s all in the box and special handling. Everything included: cards, box and detailed photographic instructions. You supply the silk hank.

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