Wand-Sorcerer’s Wand , Carved Straight Handle

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Wand-Sorcerer’s Wand , Carved Straight Handle


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Sorcerer’s Wand, wand,

In stock


Our Sorcerer’s Wand series are one of the hottest selling wands on the market today! Hand turned and hand carved from solid Asian mahogany by the craftsmen at Collectors’ Workshop.

Each wand is individually worked and hand polished. Fantastic look for the wizard, Merlin or HP character performer. Any magician worth his woffle-dust should have one of these. They actually look magical!

We currently have two designs; the straight carved handle-Wand #1 and the curved carved handle Wand #2. Both exquisite works of art. Simple but elegant.

Each wand comes with its own fitted leatherette case. A great item for magician or gift-giver. This is a wand that will be treasured and used with pride.

Just a tad over 12″ long.

Limited production and availability.

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Weight 0.80 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 12 in


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