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A small wooden case contains four dominoes. The dominoes have the same spot values, but the spots are in a single different color: red, blue, yellow and green. These four colors are incorporated in the design on the front of the case and a spectator is asked by the performer to select one of them.

After having done this, the performer remarks that by a strange coincidence, the spectator has selected a very single-minded and independent domino: in fact, this particular domino is known as the ‘maverick’ domino.

To show just how independent this domino is compared with the other three dominoes, the performer removes all four dominoes from the case and lays them out in a line on the table. One domino is seen to be reversed. ITS COLORED SPOTS MATCH THE COLOR FREELY SELECTED BY THE SPECTATOR. The ‘maverick’ domino has proved its individuality; and so that there can be no mistake about this, when the performer turns this domino over, ITS BACK IS SHOWN TO BE COMPLETELY DIFFERENT FROM THE BACKS OF THE OTHER THREE DOMINOES.


The spots on the reversed domino will always be the color freely selected by the spectator. The ingenious apparatus does all the work for the performer: all he needs to do is to learn the handling necessary to present the effect.

The case is made in teak and measures 5 x 4 x 8.5 cms high (approx.). The front of the case features a decorative panel in relief utilizing the four colors of the dominoes for easy spectator selection.

The dominoes are 7.8 x 4.2 cms (approx.), with a matte black finish, recessed spots and hand-painted design work on the backs of the dominoes.

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Weight.30 lbs
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