Wonder Silk Vanishing Tube

Wonder Silk Vanishing Tube


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Wonder Silk Vanishing Tube

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A Viking/Brema Creation.

A beautiful brass tube with two caps is displayed. The performer slowly and deliberately pokes a small 12″ silk hank into the tube which is shown from both ends to contain the silk. Both caps are replaced and the silk hank is indeed visible until the last second. The tube is now handed to the spectator who removes the caps and finds that the hank has vanished!

Created by Brema many years ago, updated in typical Viking fashion. A real miracle vanish. Tube can be placed on the table with the silk visible in the tube. The cap is placed on the tube and immediately removed and the silk hank is gone. No body loads, pulls, etc. A marvelous piece of Magic.

Please note: Depending on material available, you will receive either a red or green 12″ silk hank with the effect. Comes complete with silk hank, tube set and instructions. 2 ” x 1 1/14″ brass tube; two lids. Silk vanishes under impossible conditions. Great!

Buy two and perform the following effect:

SILK TELEPORTATION: The performer displays a brass tube into which he has placed a red silk hank. A second tube is shown to contain a green silk hank. Both tubes are capped and with a snap of the fingers, the silk hanks transpose, the red hank is now where the green was and visa versa. IMPORTANT: Nothing is added or removed from the tubes. The change happens in the spectator’s hands! Other combinations are possible. A fantastic utility tube.

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Weight 1.00 lbs
Dimensions 2 × 5 × 6 in

1 review for Wonder Silk Vanishing Tube

  1. al lacarte

    I love the theory behind this effect and the effect itself. However, the construction of the overall device itself is less than ideal. The caps don’t stay on the tube (they simply don’t fit well and fall off) and the gimmicks also prevent the entire unit from fitting together correctly. This makes handling rather awkward and clumsy. That said, when I perform the effect, I just use a little rubber cement to secure the lids.

  2. George Robinson

    Note by George Robinson: The lids are supposed to be made loose so there is no struggle in removing them. They are easily held in place once you understand the handling. I may have been remiss in my instructions and I will rewrite them to cover this handling. The gimmick does not impede the assembly or handling. Please refer to my updated inst. which now include detailed photos.

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