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Updated WOW! A must for the close-up worker.

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WOW! When this first came out it was a sensation. Now a double-whammy WOW has come on the scene. Check this out: A card is selected from a deck of playing cards then mixed in the deck. The performer than shows what he believes to be the correct card and isolates it withing a clear frame. The card is now shown to be an 8 of Hearts which the spectator states is the wrong card. The performer gives the frame a slight shake and visibly the card changes to the 5 of Diamonds; again the wrong card. The performer finally asks, ‘What is your card”.. The spectator names his card and the performer gives the frame a slight shake and the 5 of Diamonds morphs slowly into his chosen card. The card is removed and the frame shown completely empty.

This new updated version allows you to show TWO cards within the frame instead of just one. Very well made complete with Viking instructions.

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Weight.10 lbs
Dimensions4 × 3 × 1 in


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