Wrist Watch Blendo-warehouse find

Wrist Watch Blendo-warehouse find

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Long unavailable and highly sought-after Wrist Watch Blendo. Comedy Magic at its best.

Only 1 left in stock


An original Collectors’ Workshop Wrist Watch Blendo found in the warehouse. This was used as a convention model; shows very little use.

Performer borrows watch from a willing spectator.

For protection, the watch is placed in a little black drawstring bag and hung on a fish hook.

Performer is handcuffed, and the keys are placed in a little red bag, which is hung around the spectator’s neck for safe keeping. Candle is placed beneath fishing cord. Object: Performer must escape from handcuffs before candle (A) burns through cord (B) dropping watch (C) into food processor (D).

Performer sets timer clock, telling the audience that it takes precisely one minute for the cord to burn through, but with any luck at all, he can escape in about 38 seconds.

Clock begins to run. Performer struggles, managing to release one hand at about 30 seconds. Slowly, however, the candle begins to tip, igniting the watch bag! Horrified, the performer rips the bag from the stand and throws it to the floor, stomping all over it to put the fire out.

Everything once more under control, performer realizes what he has done. He picks up the bag, which now exudes a loud, ominous rattle. “Well, at least I got one hand free”, he proclaims. “Tell you what”, he says confidently. “I’ll wave my hand over this bag. Then, you take it home with you, put it in the back of the darkest closet in your house. Five days from now, at midnight, open the little bag and you’ll find that your watch is restored, good as new.”

Spectator is thoroughly unimpressed. “Better yet”, says the performer, “if you’ll be good enough to give me the keys so I can unlock my other wrist, I’ll restore the watch for you immediately.”

Spectator opens the little red bag that’s been hanging around her neck. Inside, she finds not the keys, but her watch!

If you haven’t figured it out by now, this is a real comedy spot in any act. Action, comedy, tragedy and magic make this one of the greatest interludes in any act.


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