Zoran’s Horror Finger

Zoran’s Horror Finger


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Cutting through your finger with a razor knife! Ghastly and realistic.

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One of the greatest “shock” effects of all time recently updated and improved by Eric Ross. Realistic! Safe! Unbelievable and SO MUCH FUN to perform. C’mon what’s more fun then making your own mother pass out? It’s also been called the Horror Cutter, and for good reason! This one will make you lose your breakfast, lunch and dinner! Or for you cannibals out there – it will definitely wet your appetite!

Effect: A snap blade razor that is used for opening boxes, or cutting anything is introduced. The blade is extended… Nothing unusual here – right? What happens next however is anything but usual. You take the blade and draw it across your finger! Everyone cringes and screams – STOP! But, you press on as the razor slices deep into your flesh and BLOOD oozes and squirts out – looks like we hit oil – I mean an artery!

Men will scream! Ladies will run away! The effect so real! Even YOU will believe that the blade has sliced through your finger.

• The illusion is perfect.
• The effect is so mind-boggling you have to see it to believe it.
• No photo can do it justice.
• NEW! Enhancements from Internationally known contemporary illusionist Eric Ross. An updated detailed NEW DVD where Eric goes through set up, performance and the finer points to “milk” or we should say “ooze” all the blood out of this effect you can! 

Completely safe and non-toxic. Comes complete with theatrical blood, special knife, ungaffed knife and DVD performance and explanation. This is not your grandfather’s knife through arm! This is the “Zoran Horror Finger!”

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