No. We sell replacements, but you can always go to a restaurant supply company and find replacements. We have made the glass ring wider than the original so you should not have a problem finding a glass, etc.
It is not advisable to use anything that removes metal. Brasso removes metal so we advise against it’s use here on any part that requires a tight fit. You can polish the outside of a tube or cylinder, etc. with Brasso, but not the sliding parts. We recommend Nev-R-dul. This is a wadding that uses a chemical reaction. it is very mild, will not remove metal and gives a terrific shine. This can be found at most hardware stores.
This is a complicated question to answer succinctly, but I will try. First, we need to know the ‘effect’, not the workings but the effect as seen by the audience. Then we will make a decison as to wherher we want to pursue this further. If you are asking for a ‘one-up’, meaning, just one piece, it may be cost prohibitive, but we will give you a quote. If you are interested in distribution quantities, then we have to enter into a contract. In either case, we will send you a non-compete form which will protect your intelectual property while we study the options, etc. Having said that, we are always looking for new intelligent projects so do keep us in miond.
While the watches are made to be worn, I would suggest that you only wear them when you intend to use the effect. Obviously, the more you wear it the more chances are that something could go wrong with the gimmicked strap.
I’m not sure if I would say it is expensive; price is subjective, but I will say it is a great value and a terrific effect. I can’t tell you the hours and hours I spent when I used to perform, learning and practicing the timing, etc. for the Blackstone Dancing Hank. I would have paid double this price back then to have this wonderful set-up. This can be set up virtually anywhere; only takes a few minutes. The mini computer is incredible. You can program this to do just about any crazy movements, etc.
I wish I had the time and space to answer this question fully so you would understand the problems involved in production. Suffice to say that you take your performance life in your hands when you buy one of the cheap knock-offs. But to answer your question more succinctly, we are as of now (4-29-2014) actively working on the updated version. We hope to have them ready in a few months. The new version will be worth the wait.
Some of the worlds best performers/manipulators have used our Diminishing Cards and they have told us there are none finer. Even Tommy Wonder’s cards, which are great, come in a close second to our version. We hope to have a new production ready by the end of July 2014.
We are able to repair most of our items in-house, but the Perfect Time is an exception. These have to be returned to the factory in Europe, which can take up to 90 days. They have just changed their policy on repairs and will now issue a new watch in exchange for your old one at a set fee of $150.00 plus return post. I think this is a wonderful option as you receive a brand new watch with a full 1 year guarantee on workmanship, and all this for far less than half the cost of as new watch.
Yes, but we are looking for original ideas that meet our high standards of cause and effect. Some manufacturers will produce anything just to make a buck. We are very selective. The first thing you need to do is run the ‘effect’ by us. We are not interested in the method at the onset, just the effect. If this strikes us as a good project, we will then send you a Non-Compete form which protects both of us while we study your project. This means you are protected against intellectual property theft. If we accept your idea(s), then we move onto phase two, which is discussing methods of you making money with your idea; how do you get paid. Each contract is a bit different, but we try to be very fair and so far, every transaction has been a positive one.

We will repair all our watches, but be advised that the Perfect Time series is assembled in Switzerland for us. All repairs are sent to the factory which causes the turn-around time to vary from 30 to 90 days. Average charge for repair is between $75.00 and $125.00 plus return shipping.

Batteries: The watch batteries may be changed by any competent watch repair service. Do NOT take to shops like Wal-mart, etc. Just mention to the repairman that there is a wire in the buckle-band and that the band should not be pressed against the back of the watch. The battery is easily changed and should cost about $10.00

It really depends on a couple of things; is the project within our capability and do we have time. We generally do not make card tricks and we do very little acrylic work but woodwork and most metal we can handle. Give us an idea of what you need and we can tell you right-off if we can help or not.

Many ideas are given to us in trade, but we do purchase ideas outright. The best way to submit an idea is to send us a description of the EFFECT; not the method or mechanics but just the effect on the audience and the material the prop is to be made of.

If we are interested, we will send you a Non-Compete Agreement that protects your idea. Then you are free to disclose the inner workings of your effect to us.