Review by Jack McCoy for Beyond Okito-New style box

//Review by Jack McCoy for Beyond Okito-New style box

Review by Jack McCoy for Beyond Okito-New style box

Review by Jack McCoy for Beyond Okito-New style box

Review by Jack McCoy for Beyond Okito-New style box

5 out of 5

I had a suspicion of the secret that’s integrated within this alien Okito- box and was correct. I’d been researching various models of the sort and settled on this one by Viking Magic. If there’s anything brass that sparks my interest this is always the first place I look. In the usual ‘Viking’ fashion these are gorgeous boxes and with care will last a lifetime, or even longer. heirloom quality.

The 2 boxes are identical. One is a standard Okito box and I won’t spend much time on it since it’s just that and tons of Okito box routines are already out there. The box handles perfectly when doing the usual coin work with it. The star of this set is the ‘Beyond Okito’ or ‘BO’ box. It’s a marvelous contraption and you’ll giggle with delight once you start messing with it. Tons of possibilities will pop into your head as have mine. With this box you can have a coin signed, put into the box by the spectator, place the lid on top, show it all around, and instantly have access to the coin. It’s not examinable but that’s what the matching ungimmicked box is for and with a simple switch out your sitting pretty. You can hold the ‘BO’ box in your hand with coins inside and the lid removed. On the spectator’s command a coin will melt through the bottom into their waiting hand and they’ll see the coins inside drop one level as this happens! It’s a beautiful thing indeed. Another idea that’s come to me is the use of 3 or 4 different types of coins and chosen ones penetrate or vanish. I could go on and on.

The boxes come with a very nice storage / carry case that is impressive in build and appearance. it’s so nice it can be used in a presentation or routine, especially those with involve both boxes.

Kind of expensive, but well worth the cost. It’s precision that Viking Magic is famous for and I’m proud to have it for my collection and future fun times. Very Highly Recommended.

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