Spirit Nut

Spirit Nut

The following is my personal routine which has served me well for over 40 years. I hope you like it and use it.

The following routine has been my favorite for many years. I have not shared it with others until now.

Props: You will need our Spirit Nut set along with an old skeleton-type key. This has the tang at one end and the bow on the other. Also, a length of cord as supplied with your Nut set.

Routine: “I would like to share with you a little known gambit performed by spiritualists in the early 40’s. Please examine both of this items, a brass nut and an old brass key. Please thread both of them onto this cord”, (the key is threaded through the bow and the nut through its central hole). “Please hold onto both ends of the cord and no matter what, don’t let go. Stretch the cord out a little and hang on.” (You have the real nut finger-palmed in your right hand).

“Now we need to introduce a little darkness, as one would experience in a séance parlour, by covering both the nut and the key with this handkerchief.” (Here you cover the two items with the hank).

“The medium would ask the spectator to select one of the items… Please, sir, name one of the items, either the key or the nut.” (As you ask this question, you are reaching under the hank with both hands-right hand has the real nut-and you are removing the gimmicked nut from the cord. Now, reassemble the nut around the shaft of the key, and when the spectator has named one of the items, bring out the real nut and continue with either of the following phrases):

If the nut is named: “Amazing, you named the nut and here it is.”

Or, if the key is named: “Amazing, you keep the key and I get the nut.”

In either case, you display the nut. Do NOT uncover the key at this point, but continue as follows:

“This is where the medium would do something even more mystifying. She would take the nut and simply toss it up and under the hank. Not a sound would be heard, yet her hand would be empty…. Please keep a tight grip onto both ends of the cord…. You are not going to believe this… watch.” (As you prepare to toss the nut up under the hank, make a false transfer to the left hand and use that hand to make the tossing motion. Now, remove the hank and the nut will now be seen impossibly impaled onto the shaft of the key! Remove the hank and let the image of the nut locked onto the key sink in).

“O.K. Let’s see if we can take this one step further. Let’s cover the key and nut again. I will now attempt to remove the nut from the key.” (Reach under the hank and separate the gimmicked nut; don’t bother to put it back together, just bring the left hand with the finger-palmed parts to the lower left hand corner of the hank and pull it free of the cord. At the same time, your right hand drops the normal nut onto the table’s surface).

The routine has concluded and you are left with two examinable props. The sequence of events is quite startling as I can attest to by having performed this routine at least a thousand times over the last forty-plus years. I hope you will practice this and do it justice. I know it will fool and entertain and that’s what this is all about.

Copyright by George Robinson Jr., 2015

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