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Spirit Trumpet

Viking/Collectors’ Workshop presents Gary Brown’s Spirit Trumpet. At the time of this writing we have sold over 2 dozen Spirit Trumpets. Those that have our Trumpet seem to be very excited. The presentations vary from comical to down right spooky. Some have shared their routines and experiences and those that have used the Spirit Trumpet as a legitimate seance item report that the responses from the sitters vary from cautiously skeptical to real belief. One performer stated that one of his sitters actually began to tremble and then shake violently while hearing the voices from beyond. Our experience has been that if played for mystery with an air of, ‘let’s try an experiment with no guarantees, etc.’ when the voices come through, the audience is really shaken; they don’t know  what to make of the phenomenon.

Our Trumpet is completely examinable, there is simply nothing for them to find, yet the voices they hear actually do come from the Trumpet. You as the ‘medium’ or performer can actually have a conversation with the spirit world. The unit is completely self-contained, no assistant needed; any script can be introduced and the script can be changed from show to show. You are in complete control.

No expense has been spared; the custom dies to produce the Trumpet cost several thousands of dollars; the walnut base and accessories are all top of the line. Everything is hand made and assembled in our shop. Feel free to contact us for more information. If you perform seances, Halloween parties or bizarre routines, this is a must.

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