This is one of my favorite Card Box routines and works perfectly with our Euro Card Box.

THE SPIRIT OF MARY JEFFERIES. The box is introduced as having belonged to a spiritualist who died in the late thirties. “Little was known about Mary Jefferies, except that she had the unerring ability to communicate with the spirit world, and despite her tragic end, enjoyed life and enjoyed playing games. She even enjoyed pulling a prank from time to time, aided by her spirits. Sadly, Mary died at the age of 22, driven insane by the voices she commanded.   When they found her body, she appeared to be an old woman of 60! It is said that the box never left Mary’s side, as it contained the only link between her and her mother; this simple charm. Strangely, Mary’s mother also died mysteriously at the age of 22, when Mary was only 3 years old. Mary’s spirit still hovers around this box, so let’s see if we can get her to help us with a simple test”.

Have a female spectator select a card of her choice depicting a flower, from a group of picture cards containing an assortment of flowers. Next, place a blank piece of paper (about the size of a cigarette paper) inside the box, and close it. As an afterthought, give the spectator a stubby pencil, and ask her to initial the paper while it is in the box. Tell her to leave the pencil in the box as well. Close the box and have the spectator hold the selection (which is still unknown to everyone but the spectator) and the box, one in each hand. Ask that everyone concentrate by thinking to themselves, Mary Jefferies, please pay us a visit. Check with the spectator to see if she has felt anything, etc. Finally have her open the box and remove the pencil and paper. To the amazement of all, the underside of the paper now bears the scribbled word…. “Lily”, the selected flower!

METHOD: Most of this is obvious to you by now, but we will go over the high-points. Using the same stubby pencil, write the name of your force flower, in our case, Lily, on a piece of paper. This is placed in the lid, writing side out, and covered with the flap. Place the duplicate blank paper and the pencil in the box, along with a cameo, or some other trinket you deem suitable, and close the lid (you may opt to handle this differently). Relate the short history of Mary Jefferies and the box. Open it in an inverted fashion so that the flap will lay on the lid, and remove the contents. Set the box down with the lid in an open condition. Display the cameo as having belonged to Mary’s mother and then state that you will try an experiment. Follow the routine as outlined above.

As for the flower cards, the easiest way to do this is to purchase a deck of blank-face cards and a series of flower decals. Use approx. 16-20 cards. Basically you will be making a Svengali deck with flower cards. Cut the top end of half the cards by 1/8th. Inch, and trim the corners round with a pair of nail clippers. To the short cards affix the Lily decal. To the longer cards, affix a different flower for each card without repeating yourself. Once the decals are dry, lightly wax all the cards with paste wax to protect the decals. Now all you have to do is riffle-force the Lily card and the rest is presentation.

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