We currently offer limited distribution of our items through select dealers world wide. We have purposely limited the amount of dealer representation to avoid ‘price wars’ and unfair competition. We also do this to keep our products from becoming diluted in the market place. Basically, we look for dealers that cover a specific geographic area and try not to have more than two dealers in any given area so that the representation of our products will be unique and not become borax.

Dealer requests must be done in writing through an e-mail. We will then send out several pages of information along with an application form which must be returned for review. You will be notified if there is room for your dealership in your area of the world. We reserve the right to refuse a dealer representation to anyone known to sell pirated products, whether of their own manufacture or that of another company. Selling unauthorized copies of our items will result in a denial of representation.

Standard discounts apply and will be explained in the Dealer packet.

NOTE: we do NOT wholesale everything we produce and reserve the right to keep certain items for our exclusive offering. Most of the Collectors’ Workshop line is not available for wholesale but we do make certain concessions depending on our inventory. You are always free to inquire about any item we have, but note that it may not be a wholesale item.

It is to your advantage to let your customers know that you are selling authentic Viking Mfg. / Collectors’ Workshop products. We have over 85 years of unbroken history providing magical equipment to the world. Our top quality products and reputation are known the world over. Capitalize on this and let your customers know that you are part of a select group offering some of the worlds finest magical equipment ever produced.

You may use our copyrighted photos and descriptive matter to advertise our products but in so doing, you must include our name in your advertising, etc. as the manufacturers.